Dental Treatments – Medical Condition Relations

Dental Treatments – Medical Condition Relations

Many of the DENTAL PROBLEMS are because of some serious general health problems & diseases. And also some dental problems arise because of general systemic diseases and conditions. So let us know some important relation between Dental Problems & General Health related diseases.

  1. Diabetes:

 It is a long term systemic disease which has its serious effect on patient’s oral health condition. As you know diabetes is related to immune suppression because of which body is easily accessible to variety of bacterial, viral and systemic diseases. In diabetic patients the underline oral cavity bone (peridontium) gets reduced just like slow poison effect. The tooth starts moving (mobility) as the underline bone is receding and the degree of mobility increases as Grade 1, Grade2 and Grade3. Finally these are chances for the tooth loss.

     Cure: Diabetes is perfected; the patient should take proper care for it to be in a control situation. The oral condition maintenance like brushing, flashing and regular dental checkups as per schedule. A thoroughly oral checkup with X RAYS (OPG, RVG) is mandatory. Before any extractions the diabetes report should be thoroughly checked by the dentist. In case of Root canal Treatment the diabetes doesn’t show any effect, but the periapical healing may be delay. Gum related problems if any to be treated diabetes report is must. Dental implants at maximum should be avoided of patient is with serious diabetic situation.

  • Hypertension: 

Blood pressure may be in one or other way related to dental treatments. Patients with high BP, while taking dental treatments may feel the pressure high on sitting in dental chair while taking anesthesia. So hypertension patients should stay comfortable while taking dental treatments and the dentist should take extra care while performing the treatment.

Dental Implants , and Extraction if any to be treated the patient should initially takes a consent from a cardiologist and then proceed the dental procedure.

  • Cardiac / Heart Problems:

Patients who had undergone cardiac related surgeries are on high priority to take safety use anti coagulant medications like heparin, aspirin etc which makes blood not to clot in the body. So while performing dental treatments like extractions, flap surgery, gum related problems . Patient underground cardiologist consent needs to stop the anti coagulant medication for 3 to 5 days. Other cardiac disease related medication may also hinder the dental maintenance and may cause serious dental problems.

  • Other Common Disorders:

Other conditions related to general human body like thyroid, neurological problems like epilepsy, cerebral clots, neurological disorders, orthopedic problems etc. The diseases/problems and the medications use for them respectively may have some serious dental disorders. So thorough general body checkup along with dental checkup for every six months should be a mandatory for human being. The other orthopedic problems may hinder the dental orthodontic treatments . The neurological problems may have its affects in working of dental local anesthesia, in subsequence may be a disadvantage to performs treatments like Root Canal Treatment , gum related problems , Full mouth rehabilitation and Cosmetic treatments

  ‘V’ Dental Hospitals in its three branches at Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam under the supervision of Dr John Madugula & Dr Anita Madugula would be at the highest priority take into consideration all the general health problems before performing the dental problems and make the dental problems simple & easy. Dental Clinic in Srikakulam that is ‘V’ Dental Hospitals is said to be Srikakulam best hospital and also Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam branches has its own eminities to render best dental services.   

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