Corona and its tooth related problems

Corona and its tooth related problems
  • Corona cases are alarmingly increasing in India day to day.
  • All know that Corona affects the lungs mainly and also other body parts as well.
  • COVID is an infectious disease which may enter into your body through nasal and oval routes. WILL THERE BE ANY TOOTH PROBLEMS IN COVID CASES. We say “S”. There are enhances of
  • Lung related problem
  • Tooth related problem
  • Underlying bone related problems

Oral Hygienic and COVID:

                Very strange and surprising symptoms of COVID in relation to oral health has been found out by experts tooth related problem-tooth mobility, tooth discoloration, mainly have been observed in COVID patients . Due to the change in the blood flow which is very essential for oral hygienic maintenance is badly affected. As a result of the essential circulation is affected there are chances of tooth decay and tooth mobility.

                ACE 2 receptors are the main protein components found in respiratory organs and oral cavities. COVID is mainly hits this ACE 2 receptors and make it spread in the body a cake walk. Tooth cavities may be a major high way for virus to enter into body easily

Get your tooth filling done – Get protection from COVID

                As said in the above statement tooth decay may be the major pathway for COVID-19 to enter into body, get your decayed teeth filled or Root canal treatment (RCT)(refer to with crowns to protect yourself


                At ‘V’ Dental Hospitals, all the restorative procedures Root Canal treatments etc., were offered with the aim of progressive maintenance of oral health to ‘V’ dental Hospital patients.

                Visit our dental Processionals for counseling’s and discussions about the treatment options available, don’t wait until it’s too late

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