SMILE is one of the most attractive feature in ones face. Smile defines your personality confidence levels which take you a long way in life and career.

COSMETIC TREATMENT is a dental procedure of aligning your teeth and jaw to give you that perfect, symmetrical smile and those shiny, pearly teeth.

COSMETIC TREATMENT is a boon in dentistry as it makes the patient look more aesthetically acceptable in society. It remarkably increases the self-confidence and self-esteem in patients. It also contributes to better function helping patients to lead a more comfortable lifestyle.

COSMETIC TREATMENT is a process of improving the appearance of a smile through various procedures which are cosmetic or surgical.

Smile makeover takes into consideration the tooth colour, tooth size, tooth shape, tooth position, lip position, lip length, gum position, and gum colour.

Why cosmetic treatment?

Sometimes due to proclined teeth and gaps in between teeth few people can not smile properly with confidence. For such people cosmetic treatment is advised.

In cosmetic treatment all the teeth are aligned in a proper manner, in turn enhancing the smile.

Simply resolving functional issues with the teeth, gums, and jaws isn’t enough for most patients.

Dental veneers or laminates are a potential solution to achieve the look you desire. They are a popular choice for those with a misshaped teeth or a gap between natural teeth. They can also help the discoloured teeth which cannot be restored by cleaning or bleaching.

People want to have beautiful smiles that help them feel confident and attractive. Your smile is important to the way you look and feel, so if you’re always trying to hide your teeth, you may be portraying yourself in a bad light to others. Hence, cosmetic treatment will help you regain your lost confidence and portray that lovely smile to the world.

Smile designs are done by Specially trained Super Specialists who attend to the patients requiring a smile design / smile makeover. There is no age limit of patients who can undergo a smile design and with the teeth alignment done, a beautiful smile is what you get at a very reasonable cost.

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