Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures

           Complete dentures commonly called as teeth set or removal teeth. They are widely used in age old people who cannot get fix teeth arranged in either ways, commonly called as Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

                     Complete dentures are the removal teeth in upper and lower jaws or either in one jaw with cd and other jaw with natural teeth of fixed partial dentures. They are lot of varieties in complete dentures. Varying in respect to materials used for preparation for dentures

            Generally a normal complete dentures is made by acrylic materials which replicate in natural teeth esthetically and also the underline soft tissue and bone. The denture base is the platform for the biting load to equally get distributed on the bone no connecters major and minor will be used in denture retention of the denture is the major tissue. While using them good adsorption is obtain by the saliva in between the denture base and oral mucosa which help in getting the retention. 

                              Types of complete dentures

    Normal Acrylic Denture: 

  • Made of normal acrylic material which give a stander strength and  reliability
  • Age old material used from very long time

Titanium alloy Denture:

  • As compare to all the dentures titanium alloy denture is not so popular because of its price and material maintenance
  • Mess is used fabricated with acrylic material which gives good form and strength

Soft-liner Denture:

  • Soft liner is a resilient material used at the aria where the denture delivers load on to the bone. It provides a question type which help in observing the biting forces delivers     

BPS Denture:

  • Known as bio-functional prosthetic system denture.
  • If an top most quality denture with perfect fit and best comfort almost looks like natural teeth
  • It makes the patients talk and speak comfortably even on wearing the dentures.
  • Abet costlier compare to other type of denture materials.   

           As overall dentures should proved a natural look cosmetically refer to cosmetic treatment and helping chewing and biting in the denture usage even depends on the dentist who performance the denture preparation and the lab ho performance denture fabrication.

            We at V Dental Hospital under the guidance of Dr John Madugula and Dr Anitha Madugula would insure that the dentures neat the esthetical demand of the patients and recreate there smile more naturally and cost effectively kindly contact V Dental Hospital Srikakulam, Vizayanagaram, Visakhapatnam for further studies.       

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