Are you feeling shy to smile in public……..?

It could be your forwardly placed teeth or your irregular teeth that make you feel awkward while smiling.


        Orthodontic Treatment is the solution to your problem.

Not only your smile improved with it, but also the ease of oral hygiene (Cleaning of teeth) improves as it is difficult to keep irregular teeth cleans properly. Hence the chances of decay, discoloration, bad breath reduces.

The time of treatment is approximately 1 year to 1 1\2 years even less for less severe cases. We use braces to align them.

Treatment in early age i.e. from 15 years to 21 has more success in less time period as the bone is easily mouldable in this age. Adulthood orthodontic requires more time for the treatment completion & sometime permanent retainers.

Earlier there were metal braces which used to give you metallic smile during the treatment years

But now we have advanced ways i.e. CERAMIC BRACES (tooth coloured) which eliminates the awkward metallic appearance.

   More advanced are invisible braces also called as clear aligns or invisaligns.

They are set of transparent, specially made trays for a particular patient, with a special material. So, it eliminates the hassle of metal wire & brackets. So improves he appearance and one cannot spot them easily. Oral hygiene is easy to maintain in invisalign as they are removable.

Lingual braces— these are placed from inside of teeth, where they cant be seen externally. It has its disadvantages like tongue irritating and cut

          After completion of fixed braces or removable invisalign treatment , it should be followed with retainers for 6 months to present any relapse.

   And in the end of the treatment you have your beautiful smile and a raised confidence to be in public, friends & relatives.

V Dental Hospitals have experienced doctors, Dr Anita Madugula & Dr John Madugula who would deal the cases with lot of patience & make patient comfortable.

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