How does Diabetes affect Oral Health

How does Diabetes affect Oral Health

How does Diabetes affect Oral Health

  • Presence of high blood sugar level (Diabetes) is one of the causes for decreasing in life span and affects the quality of the individual.
  • Diabetes has a strongest association with oral health which leads to severe periodontal problems.
  • Periodontal disease is the 6th complication of the diabetes, which cause tissue destruction and bone resorption leads to weakening of the teeth.
  • Periodontal disease in diabetic individual is more severe compared to normal individual.
  • Diabetes has a higher risk of causing dry mouth, which leads to decrease in saliva production results in decay of large number of teeth and ulcers on the mucosa.
  • Diabetes individuals are more prone to opportunities fungal infection like oral brush.


  • While managing \ preventing any oral disease in a diabetic individual the dentist should have a keen look over the blood sugar levels of the individual.
  • At ‘V Dental Hospitals’ our doctors will take the utmost care regarding the diabetic patients in preventing further damage to the oral health.
  • There will be delay in healing process in diabetic individuals, therefore it is important to follow the guidelines of the dentist’s instructions.
  • One should make frequent dental visits to check the teeth and gums cleaned and in maintain proper oral hygiene.
  • Using of floss and brushing after the meal prevents the dental diseases.
  • In Diabetes, Implants success rate is difficult to achieve because they are more prone to infections and bone resorption.
  • While placing the implants the blood sugar levels is to be monitored by the dentists closely.
  • We ‘V dental Hospital’ doctors make a proper and close look of the blood sugar levels and healing process of the tissues and we guarantee you the best quality treatment and prevention of oral health in diabetes.

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M.D, Chief Dental Surgeon

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