Does Drinking More Water Protects Your Teeth?

Does Drinking More Water Protects Your Teeth?

Does Drinking More Water Protects Your Teeth

Yes….! Drinking more water protects your teeth and keeps our teeth Healthy.

Drinking water which contains fluorine plays a major role in making the teeth stronger by forming fluorapatite crystals, which is resistance to bacterial acids. Therefore there will be a prevention of forming cavities which harbour bacterial micro organisms.

Frequent intake of water makes the tissues hydrated and helps in flushing of food particles which lodge between the teeth. Therefore there will be prevention of periodontal / Gum diseases.

Water intake prevents formation of stains on the teeth which helps in whitening the teeth. Individuals with dry mouth, there is a decreased secretion of saliva which leads to bad breath due to accumulation of food particles between the teeth and also leads to increased formation of cavities.

Drinking water helps in keeping your smile looking beautiful, because most of the foods which we take daily forms stain on the teeth. Thus water intake removes all the food debris and stains it helps in good smile.

Tooth erosion is one of the conditions usually seen in individuals who take lot of beverages and acidic foods, which lead to surface loss of the tooth, should be prevented by taking water in between the foods.

Yes, there are a lot of advantages in taking more water than the beverages/ other carbonated drinks. For this there should be a proper education of the individuals.

 In ‘V Dental Hospitals’ our doctors helps in educating our clients and people take more water in daily life.

Dr Anitha Madugula

Implantologist, Chief Dental Surgeon

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