Microscopic Dentistry

Microscopic Dentistry

Microscopic Dentistry

Application of microscope in the field of dentistry has been recent. It lets the dentist to visualize familiar structures in the totally different way, with finest details that were earlier concealed from naked eyes.

It is an indispensable device which is connected with high resolution video camera to project the magnified images on LCD monitor that clients can also see.

It allows dentist to get a better view of patient’s oral cavity thereby improving the overall results of the treatment, while limiting trauma and increasing precision.

The idea behind introduction of microscopic dentistry is to remove as little of the natural teeth as possible while removing all of decay. It permits complex system of canals to be recognized, managed and identify in a safe manner.

It also facilitates the on demand documentation of treatment (Both Videos and Photos).

The microscope gives increased precision and higher level of confidence that all decay has been removed. It enables better diagnosis and effectively communicates these to the patients.

The biggest advantage of microscopic dentistry is during the re-treatment, Micro Dentistry is highly effective at treating tooth decay and resorting dental health.

A patient who suffers from dental anxiety makes great candidates for micro dentistry because it makes the treatment faster, quieter and more relaxing.

Microscopic Dentistry decreases the time of treatment.

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