Tooth got knocked out? How to save it, replace it

Tooth got knocked out? How to save it, replace it

Tooth got knocked out? How to save it, replace it.

The dental term used for knocked out teeth was “Avulsion” knocking a tooth out of your mouth is due to falls, bicycle accidents, sports injuries, traffic accidents and assaults.

The knocked out teeth requires immediate treatment within 30 minutes to one hour have the best chance of success.

Steps you should follow at the scenes of accident:

  • Pickup tooth by the white chewing surface (Crown). Don’t touch the root (the part that usually inside the bone).
  • Rinse your teeth with water to remove dirt. Avoid using soap, don’t scrub or dry the tooth.
  • Gently place your teeth back into socket root first. Hold your tooth by crown and avoid touching root.
  • Bite on napkin, gauge or hand kerchief to anchor your tooth in place.
  • Visit Dentist immediately.

If you can’t re-insert your tooth into socket, keep the tooth moist until you see a dentist. You can put your teeth in

  1. A glass of milk.
  2. A salt solution (HBSS) specifically for preserving the teeth often found in first aid kits.
  3. In saline solution.

Never try to put part of your teeth back into the socket, see a dentist as soon as possible. They may take a dental X-Ray to look for root damage before treating your tooth.

Re-Implanted teeth require regular dental checkups but can last for years with proper care.

Your Dentist further evaluates its treatment process.

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