No Caries, Then Why Root Canal..???

No Caries, Then Why Root Canal..???

No Caries, Then Why Root Canal..???

Dentists usually suggest Root Canal Treatment in case of decayed tooth where, caries reaches the inner part of tooth called pulp. Pulp is the vital part of tooth which contains blood vessels and nerves. But in some cases, the doctor may suggest root canal treatment when there is no visible caries.

Want to know Why and When?

The following are the reasons:

  1. Root Caries:

                                Caries which start on the root surface of tooth are usually not visible to the exterior.  But may cause tooth pain, these can be detected only with X-Rays.

  • Perio – Endo Lesions:

                               Periodontium is the tissue surrounding the tooth & Periodontium is responsible for holding the tooth in position. This may get infected due to improper brushing / food lodgment in case of crowded teeth. This condition is called periodontitis. The infections in turns enter the pulp through the apices and lateral apices leading to caries. This caries not visible to outside. It’s only detected on X-Rays. As the periodontal infections leading to root canal infections (endodontic infections), these lesions are called as Perio- Endo lesions. So, to treat these types of infections Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is suggested.

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