• Pulpectomy is a generally done in children
  • It is performed to save the primary tooth and prevent infection to spread to the erupting permanent teeth
  • This procedure is performed only if the patient has severe infection infecting the pulp caused due caries or trauma
  • Caries is caused either due to improper oral hygiene (or) Trauma where child has an injury involving the tooth and has neglected causing the spread of infection
  • In this process,canal contents are removed,irrigated and filled with medicament (formocresol/zinc oxide eugenol)
  • Post treatment, the patient is put under medication with antibiotics and pain killer for 3-5days
  • Extraction in children might cause space closure so that there would be no sufficient space for permanent teeth to erupt And                          
  • This helps in preserving the milk teeth from extraction and maintain the shape of the dental arch

             Hence,pulpectomy is a better option in children

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