1.  You Only Need To Go To The Dentist If Your Teeth Hurt. (Myth)

         “Prevention is better than cure” – Are you aware of this saying? If yes, then I would recommend you seeing a dentist twice a year for regular cleaning & examination. So that diagnosing & curing a tooth problem at an early stage is much easier & cost effective.   

                Some dental problems are asymptomatic but still cause infection & need treatment.

2.  Oral Health Is Not Connected To The Rest Of The Body. (Myth)

       No, it’s wrong – Oral health & systemic health are related with each other. If is not maintained  oral health properly, the bacteria which stays in your mouth can enter in to your blood stream & causes lot of problems.

3.  Bleeding Gums Are Normal. (Myth)

      No, it’s not. Bleeding gums during brushing or flossing is due to the inflammation of the gums. Gums become inflamed & begin to bleed due to excessive plague buildup. It may cause gingivitis & periodontal problems. So, if bleeding gums appear you need to go to dentist.

4.  Tooth Brushes Need To Be Changed Till Bristles Don’t Wear       Off. (Myth)

      No, it’s not correct. You need to change your tooth brush for every 2 to 3 months. Even if tooth brush looks good, it might have been stored improperly & this filled with bacteria, on it’s regular use bristles do not remain same in perfect condition.

5.  Dental Cleaning Can Cause Sensitivity. (Myth)

       Dental cleaning or scaling is a procedure required in cases of accumulation of plague (Sticky Colorless bacterial Deposits on Surface of tooth) & calculus or tartar (hardening of plague). Calculus on the teeth forces the gums to become reddish. Scaling cleans the area that was previously covered with calculus.

          It does cause any sensitivity,  it resolves in a day or two days.

6.  Removing a Tooth from Upper Jaw Can Hamper Your Eye Sight. (Myth)

           No, remaining a tooth from upper jaw doesn’t affect the eyes at all. Because the nerves that supply  upper jaw are completely different. They doesn’t co-relate with each other.


If u see someone with a good smile and ask him what’s the secret- the answer would be, “oral health and hygiene maintenance” . India beign a developing country the oral hygiene awareness need to spread stIll more and rapid. Straining and spraining of teeth with constant and continuous functioning of teeth need a proper care and maintenance. Brushing, flossing and regular visit to dentist would be the possible care for them.

And the final word  – never be complacent just because you follow meticulous oral hygiene practice. Even people with brightest and most stunning smiles can encounter common dental problems. If you are looking for an authority in cosmetic dentistry, call 8142381021 to schedule an appointment with V DENTAL HOSPIALS GROUP.. we are in service now at Visakhapatnam, srikakulam, and vizianagaram.

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